Capital Wind Workshops

Capital Wind Workshops

“Practice with the Pros”

Middle & High School Band Workshops in Washington DC

Looking for “things to do” or trip ideas for your middle/high school band in Washington DC?  The Capital Wind Symphony is pleased to offer one of the nation’s best performance workshop experiences for middle and high school bands anywhere!   

What are Capital Wind Workshops?

The Capital Wind Symphony offers a unique and highly inspiring 90 minute side-by-side performance experience in which your band musicians will work with a highly acclaimed conductor in addition to performing along professional musicians.  

Washington DC is one of the top travel destinations in the world.  This workshop is sure to be one of your trip highlights, and a musical experience your students and program will benefit from for years to come.  Since 2000, the Capitol Wind Symphony, under the direction of George Etheridge, has provided a unique educational opportunity for middle and high school bands visiting the Washington DC region.  As a successful private teacher and conductor for over fifty years, Mr. Etheridge has always known that by demonstrating concepts, rather than simply talking about them, the student musicians are able to learn and internalize the lessons more quickly.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for our side by side event Saturday. I would argue that Saturday was the best thing I have ever been able to be a part of in support my student’s music education.  Read more testimonials.

– Jason T. Guira, Director of Bands, Rappahannock County High School 

 The Capital Wind Workshops has expanded on this learning style by engaging the regions top  professional musicians in and around the Nation’s capital to work and perform with every section of your band to demonstrate proper concepts of performance. The examples set by these exceptional musician/teachers make a remarkable and noticeable change in the performance level of any ensemble. The clinicians and artists represent some of the finest musicians our nation’s capital has to offer. Distinctly experienced in working with young ensembles, these instructors sit side-by-side with students demonstrating and instructing individual sections within the larger ensemble. The result is a more complete understanding of educational concepts that result in remarkable and dramatic results in the ensemble’s performance.

It was an educational and inspirational session. My students are definitely sounding better now that they have heard how the music could and should be played. George established a great connection and professional atmosphere.  Read more testimonials.

-Judy Einuis, Director of Bands, Robinson Secondary School

What repertoire does each band need to prepare?  

The workshop is very flexible and customized to any skill level or instrumentation.   Directors can choose to bring one or more selections which they have already performed or are preparing for an upcoming concert, contest, or festival. The workshop works beautifully at any point in the ensembles preparation whether it is just beyond sight-reading or almost performance ready.  You will be amazed at your students reaction to hearing their works modeled professionally and the how quickly they begin to mimic what they observe and hear!  All aspects of creating an artistic performance are addressed, but the workshop will also reinforce  the fundamentals.   There is no better workshop for making music and inspiring your students!  

 It is always a pleasure – the educational highlight of the year. BRAVO AND THANK YOU!  Read more testimonials. 

-Brian Baldwin, Director of Bands, Marshall High School

When can Capital Wind Workshops be scheduled?

The Capital Wind Workshop is available at all times of the year and are scheduled in advance to coincide with your ensemble’s travel schedule. Each workshop and venue is customized to fit the needs of your ensemble and its current level of performance. In all cases, the Capital Wind Workshop curriculum provides for enhanced musicianship and individual learning that will augment the music education experience for every student.


The Capital Wind Workshop is very affordable  and easily fits within the standard educational tour budget.  Pricing is competitive to workshops offered by other travel companies and popular venues, but the difference is a Capital Wind Workshop includes a fully instrumented and balanced ensemble of professional musicians along with a conductor to demonstrate and teach your students.   Workshops can be designed and priced for any size band or wind symphony. Please contact us to discuss the options and pricing.