Capital Wind Workshops Testimonials

Capital Wind Workshops Testimonials


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for our side by side event Saturday. I would argue that Saturday was the best thing I have ever been able to be a part of in support my student’s music education. I could hear a definitive difference in the way they played in rehearsal this morning and it is all thanks to the wisdom of your players and you. Thank you for everything you, the Capital Wind Symphony and the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra do to support music education! I hope to be able to do this again in the future! 

– Jason T. Guira, Director of Bands, Rappahannock County High School

It is always a pleasure – the educational highlight of the year. BRAVO AND THANK YOU!

– Brian Baldwin, Director of Bands, Marshall High School

It was an educational and inspirational session. My students are definitely sounding better now that they have heard how the music could and should be played. George established a great connection and professional atmosphere.

– Judy Einuis, Director of Bands, Robinson Secondary School

I thought both sessions were fantastic! The interaction with the students was amazing. It sounded like an entirely different group of kids that were happy to be playing!

– Brendan Slocumb, Director of Orchestras, Robert E. Lee High School

This is a fantastic opportunity for the students and always has been! Absolutely the best experience for these young musicians! It was a treat!

– Richard Sanger, Director of Bands, Longfellow Middle School

Fabulous program! My students responded beautifully to Glenn and the musicians.

– Kathy Thompson, Director of Orchestras, South Lakes High School

This was not only a great educational experience for the students, but also a fun one! The students are talking a lot about what they learned and what they can do now to become better. George Etheridge and his group are wonderful! Watching the faces of the students as your pros played their parts was something I’ll remember for a long time. The students couldn’t believe that 17 pros made a bigger, better sound than the 65 members in their band. I learned many things, too, which will of course help this group and the other 120+ band students.

– Sharon Bonneau, Director of Bands, Herndon Middle School

I would like to express my deepest thanks for the wonderful rehearsal session you ran at Herndon High School this morning. We sincerely appreciate the time that you take out of your busy schedules to help the young musicians in the community. Your assistance in preparing for our concert and Festival is such a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear and see wonderful musicians at work but also giving so generously of their time and talent. Fantastic session! My students benefited greatly from this experience! We would love to have you come back again and again!

– Bette Gawinski, Director of Orchestras, Herndon High School

I thought the clinic was a complete success. Our students were very appreciative of the opportunity to play with professionals, the concepts made a definite impact on our concert. Thank you so much for bringing your group to work with us last week. The students were very excited about the session. I thought your clinicians were entirely professional, and made an impact with bowing specifics and musical examples. I know you would identify some of your concepts, particularly tempo and ensemble issues – in our subsequent performance which was a huge success.

– Scott McCormick, Director of Orchestras, Langley High School

The kids were amazed at the sound they produced after trying to sound like the pros. It made an amazing difference. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

– Luis Perez, Director of Bands, Holmes Middle School

This is a fabulous service!! Mr. Etheridge did a great job inspiring the students to achieve higher levels of artistic achievement.

– Dan Kosko, Director of Bands, Frost Middle School